Best locations to get Kratom powder in Cape Town

The city at the foot of the Table Mountain is arguably one of Africa’s most exciting cities. Cape Town is unlike any other city in South Africa and on the rest of the continent. It has got exhilarating points of interest and things to do. From hiking the Table Mountain to swimming in the ocean, visiting beautiful marinas, enjoying tasty continental food in one of its many restaurants, or rich red wine from its many wineries, most people are spoilt for choice when it comes to choosing things to do in the city.

Cape Town Skyline

While the city is awash with things to do, there are not that many Kratom shops in town. This makes it difficult for foreigners and tourists to quickly purchase the herbal remedy when they are in need. Thus, we thought it would be good to introduce you to some of the places you could easily find some healing strains of Kratom in the city. Apart from local shops, we also highlight two international vendors who ship their products to South Africa.

The locations where you can find the products in Cape Town.

We did a bit of research to find the information we are about to present. Most of the shops don’t say openly that they are selling Kratom but they do. The lack of openness about selling Kratom is perhaps due to the stigma associated with the use of the substance in some quarters of our society. It is not about the legality of Kratom as it is 100% legal in the country. Below are some of the local shops that may carry Kratom in this bustling city.

Hemporium Cape Town (Address: 15 Bell Cres, Westlake, Cape Town, South Africa)

This establishment is known to be one of the finest organic shops in the whole of Cape Town. The shop is highly rated among the locals. This is because it has got some of the finest selections of hemp products, and a host of other alternative products including organic healing powders. Many of the people who frequently visit this establishment also highly rate its customer service.

In addition to the organic herbal products that this company sells to improve general wellbeing, it also carries other products include hemp clothing and bags. So you might come out of the shop not only with your Kratom but also with some quality merchandise in the form of some cool and comfortable shirt or backpack.

Health Basket (Address: Carl Cronje Ave, Bellville, Cape Town, South Africa)

This has got to be one of the finest establishments vending herbal remedies and nutritional products in South Africa. They got shelves upon shelves of fantastic herbal products and powders in stock.

They also have an online store for customers who want to shop conveniently from their homes.

The prices at this shop are relatively affordable. Most of the people who have shopped at this store think highly of its products. They also say that the shop has an “open-office” design and a cool ambience.

HerbalZone (Address: 10 John Vorster Ave, Cape Town, South Africa)

This shop sells all the herbal remedies for pain relief, for weight loss (slimming), for mood enhancement, and for improvement of male sexual health. Apart from finished products, this shop also stocks herbal raw materials including important ones such as Tongkat Ali, organic honey, and Kacip Fatimah.

There is a very high likelihood that this shop also stocks Kratom. If you live near the location, make sure you pop in to find out the truth.

International vendors shipping to Cape Town

Local shops selling Kratom are not that open about it. They, therefore, make the whole experience a bit distracting. The limited variety also means that that you will likely buy just what you find; and that may not necessarily be the best strain for your specific needs. This is why we thought it would be important to highlight some great international vendors who ship to South Africa.

Kraken Kratom

Kraken Kratom

Kraken Kratom is one of the best international vendors of Kratom. Kraken is an American distributor that sources its strains from pre-selected vendors in Indonesia where the Kratom tree grows naturally.

Apart from sourcing its strains from their most natural environment (meaning high potency), the company also tests each batch of Kratom powder it receives to ensure that there is no contamination and that the batch is composed of real Kratom.

Lastly, Kraken offers plenty of discounts to its customers. You will simply need to subscribe to their mailing list to receive your first discount code.

Happy Hippo

This is a trendy seller of the good stuff. They are based in Boise (Idaho) and they have got all kinds of Kratom strains for sale. They have got the green veins, the red veins, and the yellow veins.

Happy Hippo products are also kind of cheap making them easy to buy.

This vendor provides discounts for bulk shipping and for using certain payment channels such as Bitcoin and eChecks.

The usefulness of green Kratom veins

Green Kratom strains are from Kratom trees with green-veined leaves.

Green veins are known to be the most balanced strains. They don’t give you energy and they won’t sedate you either.

They are best known for killing pain. So if you are looking for something to ease your pain, you should definitely consider them.


Finding Kratom is difficult in this iconic South African city. Many shops selling the stuff don’t say it publicly for one reason or the other. We have listed some herbal stores where you could find the supplement. In terms of international vendors, we have rightfully listed Kraken and Happy Hippo as the go-to online stores with fast-shipping to South Africa. Both vendors are based in the US and supply quality strains worldwide.

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