Happy Hippo Kratom Brand Review

About the Company

Happy Hippo is a small company based in Boise, Idaho according to the company’s website. From the evidence on the site, it seems that it has been in existence since 2017.

The company has made a name for itself by selling good quality Kratom from trusted Indonesian suppliers. The Kratom batches they get from Indonesia are always screened for pesticides, salmonella and other unwanted contaminants the moment the batches are received in the US. The second step is usually to determine the chemical profile of each batch so as to find out the genuineness and quality of the strains. It is only when everything is found to be in order that the Kratom is then packaged for distribution to customers.

Happy Hippo is best known for accepting payment payments through a variety of channels. This perhaps shows that the small company has not yet been encumbered by the bureaucracies of big business, which is a good thing. You will find also find the company’s green Kratom strains to be truly-balanced and perfect for alleviating pain. However, although the company claims to have great customer care, they do not have contact numbers listed on the website, making it difficult to assess this claim.

Things that make the brand to stand out 

  • Offers a good variety of Kratom strains
  • A small American company run by good friends
  • The company has trusted suppliers that they have used for more than five years
  • All products are tested for impurities to ensure that they are of good quality
  • Email subscribers get information about new strains, sales, and discounts
  • All for payment by credit card, mobile checks, e-checks, and even Bitcoin
  • Provides discounts for those shopping using specific types of payment channels

Things that may not impress you

  • They do not have the best branding for packages
  • Tacky website
  • No images of the owners or company facilities
  • No contact number (just email)

Happy Hippo Kratom Promotions

The Happy Hippo Herbals Company has sales every now and then. During the sales, they sell their products to customers at rock-bottom prices. The easiest way to know about the sales is to subscribe to the company’s email subscription program. If you do this, they will inform you straightaway when there is a sale you can take advantage of. This can help you save good money especially if you are a regular buyer of Kratom supplements for one reason or the other.

In addition to the sales, those who are making orders using means other than credit card get incredible discounts from this manufacturer. Those who pay by Bitcoin get 20% off. Those who pay by mobile check get 15% off, while those who pay by eCheck get 10% off.

What they have in stock

This Boise manufacturer sells a good number of different types of strains known to be especially good for various kinds of problems. The majority of the strains on the site are the green balanced strains known to kill pain without being sedative. White Kratom strains and red Kratom strains are also available. Here are some of the products that stand out:

Maeng Da Elite Green – $15

Kratom Strain

This is Happy Hippo’s best-selling product. The main reason is perhaps it is so balanced and provides a good dose of energy while relieving your body from any pain felt.

The leaf is source straight from Indonesia and processed further to remove impurities and enhance potency.

If you are feeling slow, and maybe a bit low, this is probably the supplement you should go for.

The manufacturer categories this strain as a ‘fast leaf’ – meaning it is a strain that provides energy and does not slow things down.

Sumatra Red – $14

Happy Hippo says that this is its highest-rated strain and there is no arguing with that. From the information we got from someone who has used the product before, the product is really good.

Like the Maeng Da Elite Green, this product is also sourced straight from Indonesia where the tree is native to.

The company classifies this strain as a ‘slow leaf.’ By this, they mean that it kind of sedates and relaxes, unlike the green strains that provide a buzz of energy.

The Sumatra red is one of the best supplements for those who are fighting opioid withdrawal symptoms.

Superior white Hulu – $12

White Sumatra

This is one of the cheaper strains available on this international vendor. It may be cheaper but the leaf it comes from is rare.

The white Hulu is known for providing tranquility (it is a ‘slow leaf’). Tranquility that will help keep your stress levels down. It can also help with depression.

Users of the strain claim that it is best used in the morning for nootropic assistance as it also aids with memory and cognitive functions.

Indo Super Red – $12

This strain is also from Indonesia. Unlike most Kratom powders strains which are from young Mitragyna trees, this is usually found in old forests.

It is said to have higher levels of mitragynine and is therefore perfect for providing good pain relief and enhancing relaxation. Reports and studies have backed supported these two claims.

The Indo Super Red is also said to inject a good dose of muscle stimulation removing any tension and pain.

It is definitely one of the strains to watch out for from this manufacturer.

Brand Summary

  • Company: Happy Hippo Kratom
  • Location: Boise, Idaho
  • Email: HappyHippoHelper@live.com
  • Contact number: N/A
  • Product Variety: OK
  • Free Shipping: No
  • International shipping: Yes


Happy Hippo is a small and newish Kratom company. The company sources good strains of the product from trusted Indonesian suppliers. It then tests the products and packages it for sale and distribution. The quality of the products is good. The fact that the company accepts many different types of payments is a plus.

However, the company could do with better branding and packaging. Its website looks a bit tacky. Nevertheless, guys say that their products are some of the better ones out there. They provide regular promotions and discounts that you can take advantage of.

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