Sabai Kratom Brand Review

About the company

Sabai Kratom is a newish Kratom company that was founded not long ago. However, despite its greenness, the company has been able to quickly make a name for itself in the business. In this article, you will get to know all the key facts about the company, the things that make it stand out, the things that may not impress you, offers that could help you save megabucks when shopping at the company, and the variety of Kratom strains they have in stock.

Let’s begin.

Sabai Kratom is an American manufacturer based in the beautiful city of Flagstaff, in the state of Arizona. The mission of the manufacturer is to provide good quality Kratom to everyone who shares with them the same kind of respect they have for the powerful herbal supplement. In other words, Sabai is not like other manufacturers who are focusing on making profits by selling plain vanilla kind of products. To guarantee superior quality healing Kratom powders, Sabai sources its products from verified suppliers and then tests the products for quality and safety before packaging them for sale. This enables them to consistently deliver quality products every single time.

Things that make the brand to stand out

  • American company
  • Verified sources that consistently deliver them with good quality products
  • Laboratory tested products to guarantee effectiveness and safety
  • Available on phone to answer any questions (Great customer service, by the way)
  • 100 percent satisfaction guarantee (you get a full refund if you are not satisfied with a product)
  • Provides discount codes throughout the year to help customers save money
  • Stocks a great variety of products including the Green Hulu, Green Horn, Red Bali, and Yellow Maeng Da
  • Provides steep discounts for wholesale purchases
  • Accepts multiple payment channels including MasterCard, Stripe, PayPal, Visa, and Cash on Delivery (Americans only).

Things that may not impress you

  • No FAQs page on the website
  • Not much is known about how the company was founded and who its owners are
  • Although the company says it does lab tests, it has not published any results on its site

Sabai Kratom Promotions

There are two major promos on the site as at the time of publishing this article. The first promotion is their mailing list subscription promo. The promotion is very simple. You sign up with your email to join the brand’s online club and you will receive a 10% discount on your next order. Club members also get immediate alerts about new strains. Holidays at the club are usually marked with discounts for club members.

The second promotion is related to shipping. Every purchase you make that amounts to at least $90, will be shipped to you free of charge. So you won’t be paying anything for it. You also don’t need a code to get the free shipping.

What they have in stock

Yellow Maeng Da – $6.99

Kratom powder

Sabai stocks three yellow strains namely, Yellow Vietnam, Yellow Maeng Da, and Yellow Hulu Kapuas. Yellow strains are known to be extremely potent. They provide a good energy boost and a very marked mood improvement.

The company’s Yellow Maeng Da happens to be one of its most popular products. It is of good quality and it has at least 2.1% mitragynine (the active compound). It is sold as a very fine powder and the company states that it can boost mood within a few quick minutes and that it also provides pain relief.

Green Malay – $6.99

Kratom strain

Green strains are known to be the most balanced strains in existence. They are best used for relieving pain. They are said to be balanced because they can provide great relief without other known (and unwanted) Kratom effects such as sedation and euphoria.

Sabai has a good number of green strains including Green Malay, Green Hulu, Green Horn, Green Maeng Da, and Super Borneo.

Green Malay is one of the manufacturer’s best-selling products. It provides great pain relief, boosts energy levels, and its effects are super long lasting compared to other green, red, and white strains available here and elsewhere.

Red Bali – $6.99

Sabai carries Red Maeng Da, Red Dragon, Red Bentuangi, Red Gold, Red Thai, and Red Vietnam.

Red strains are generally known to provide relaxation (sedation)) and to promote positive physical and mental wellbeing.

Red Bali from Sabai provides all these benefits. Additionally, it is one of the better strains for dealing with anxiety.

Variety Packs – $19.99

This vendor sells several types of variety packs. One of their cheapest ones is a three-pack variety pack. The best thing about this pack is that you can choose any three strains from this vendor to add to your pack.

If you have never tried Kratom, you should definitely go for this pack and add three strains that you think will work best for you. You will be surprised at the differences and you will have more choice and more likely to find what tastes better and works well for you.

Brand Summary

  • Company: Sabai Kratom
  • Location: 2024 Flagstaff, Arizona, 86003
  • Email:
  • Contact number: 928-288-5641
  • Product Variety: Good
  • Free Shipping: Yes (for orders over $90)
  • International shipping: Yes


If you are in pain, you’ve got anxiety or low energy levels, you should definitely consider taking this company’s supplements. The company makes good quality products and tests them for quality and effectiveness.

Although based in the USA, Sabai can ship its products to many international destinations including South Africa.

It also offers a 10% discount for those who subscribe to its email subscription program. Make sure you subscribe to enjoy the discount.

They also stock a great variety of Kratom powders.

P.S.: Always remember to consult a medical professional before buying herbal supplements such as the ones sold by this brand.

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